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"It's the only native trout found in Maryland and it was here before the glaciers," said Scarfone, of Westminster. "The brook trout has an incredible history, durability and beauty about it. It's a jewel, a diamond. For fishermen, it is God."
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TU and Tenkara on the Gunpowder
Eight decades after the supply of trout in freshwater streams and rivers in the Eastern U.S. was seemingly close to being depleted, the fish and those who revel in the art of catching them are doing quite well.
On July 11 and 12th, Maryland Trout Unlimited co-hosted “Tenkara Jam on the Gunpowder” with A
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MDTU City Catch in Baltimore Sun...
Each April Maryland Trout Unlimited stocks rainbows in Dead Run at Leakin Park. Working with Baltimore City Parks and Rec Program, 80-100 city kids are invited out to fish. MDTU members act as guides and mentors. The Baltimore Sun sent out a reporter to cover the 2015 event.
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Tri State Youth Camp
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Tri-State Youth Camp
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TU Tri-State Youth Camp
Trout Unlimited Tri-State Conservation and Fishing Camp.   The Mid-Atlantic Council, along with the Trout Unlimited Councils of Virginia and West Virginia are proud supporters of the Tri-State Youth Camp,  
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MDTU hosts Stream Monitoring Training
Bee Tree Run Stream Monitoring Project - Saturday, September 20th, 2014 9 am to 1 pm - Bee Tree Preserve, Kittle Pavilion (Corner of Bee Tree Road and Kauffman Road0  
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At the July 12 meeting of the Mid-Alantic Councill, new officers for FY2015 were elected. New  members of Executive Committee (effective Oct. 1, 2014) are: