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As an outdoorsman, this year's chemical spill made me realize how fragile our natural resources are. As a father, the situation made me realize how proactive we must be if we want our children and grandchildren to experience the outdoor traditions that define our heritage.
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Origin of Sal font Chapter
Way back in the the year 2014 a new vision was concieved in central West Virginia. A vision for a 21st century TU chapter and making long term sustainable impacts fueled by a passion for native species.
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West Fork Greenbrier Tree PlantingApril 19, 2014
Sal font Chapter and partners with the USFS will be planting trees Saturday, April 19 to improve the native brook trout headwaters of the Greenbrier River. TU and USFS have partnered in a massive restoration project in the headwaters of the Greenbrier.
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The 2nd Annual Mountain State Trout FestivalJune 07, 2014
West Virginia Trout Unlimited is proud to present the second annual Mountain State Trout Festival at Elk Springs Resort in Monterville, WV. The new location will engage anglers more directly as the events occur within inches of rising trout.
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WVTU Fly Fishing SchoolJune 07, 2014
This year's School will be held in conjunction with the Mountain State Trout Festival at Elk Springs Resort in Monterville. Expert instructors teach the basic skills you need to enjoy this sport in just one weekend.
While the brook trout was designated as the WV state fish in 1973, we think it was our "state fish" long before then. Let's round off to a nice number like 10,000 BC even though glacial presence had pushed brook trout into the south long before then.
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Catch Bluegill for TroutApril 26, 2014
The Sal font Chapter of Trout Unlimited announces its Bluegill Fishing Derby at Charles Fork Lake slated for April, 26 2014. It will be a day of fun and fishing for kids of all ages. Prizes for all children under age 13.
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A Monument to Headwaters
Watch this clip of WVTU's Philip Smith as he and other monument advocates discuss the importance of cold, clean, fishable water on PBS This American Land.  
"As a sportsmen's organization it was important to be involved in the proposal discussion in order to make sure this historic conservation designation suits our access and management needs"
"Energy development is vital to Wyoming and our nation, but so are trout and wild places as rare as this." - Steven Brutger