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Alaskan Angling Adventures LLC is the culmination of a lifetime of fishing devotion and over a decade of guiding experience on the Kenai.  After years of guiding for other outfitters owner and guide Mike Adams started AAA with the idea of providing a more personalized experience from a small guide [ READ MORE... ]
Not long ago, I read that the average American kid spends about seven hours a day in front of a screen of some type, but only about seven minutes a day outside. As a parent and a grandparent, those numbers sent a chill through me. If kids aren’t outside, how can we expect them to be the anglers of [ READ MORE... ]
What do you call eight great guides passionate about fly fishing? Zero Limit Adventures. Whether you are looking to experience the raw power of King Salmon, Trophy Brown Trout and Steelhead, the beauty of Rainbows and Brook Trout, or Small or Large mouth Bass, Zero Limit Adventures is experienced, [ READ MORE... ]
Yesterday a new tool for anglers will opened its doors to the world. It’s a web-based platform that helps anglers find guides from the Carribbean to Alaska. It’s called Fisher Guiding, and it’s goal is simple—to make guided fishing trips accessible for everyone. Fisher Guiding is a TU Business [ READ MORE... ]
It’s all about passion.  Passion is what drives Trout Scapes River Restoration LLC in everything they do.  Whether restoring or enhancing a trout river or designing and building a pond, passion drives their thinking. The passion shines through on every project for Trout Scapes. It isn’t just a job [ READ MORE... ]
Twin Bridges, Mont. – it’s not your average fishing town. And Four Rivers Fishing Company is not your average fly shop.  It’s a 50 year- old institution that has been the headquarters for phenomenal trout fishing.  This is an authentic Montana style fly shop. That means that the people who work [ READ MORE... ]
One of the first people I met when I came to Trout Unlimited was Capt. Ben Wolfe, the owner of Wolfe Outfitters. It was clear from the get-go that he was the real deal. Captain Ben caught his first fish at the ripe old age of four on his grandfather’s fly rod. He’s been fishing since then for any [ READ MORE... ]
Trout Unlimited is happy to welcome new Business member Fisher Guiding. They're a great business and excited to become a part of TU’s conservation tradition. Fisher Guiding is a new marketplace for anglers to discover and book fishing guides, and a tool for guides to promote and manage their [ READ MORE... ]
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Green Anchors: Getting the lead out
Lead. It’s bad stuff. We all know that. It’s long gone from paint. We’ve gotten it out of shotgun shells. We’re getting it out of bullets, too. Most of us have abandoned lead as any part of the terminal tackle when we rig up to fish. The idea here is to get it out of places where it can harm living [ READ MORE... ]
OK, show of hands: Who knows Nate Stevane? If you don’t, you should. Everyone knows that you can’t swing a dead cat in Montana, and not hit a fishing outfitter. But not everyone knows Nate Stevane from Trout on the Fly in Butte, MT. I do, and if you fly fish you should, too. Nate is a Montana guy. [ READ MORE... ]