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If you're not buying gear, beer or other necessities from a TU Business member, you should. And if you're not reading stalkingtheseam.com, the blog by our good friends Matthew Copeland and Stephen Brutger, you should. It's the best hunting/fishing/family blog out there. Here's a sample from Matt [ READ MORE... ]
John Herzer from Missoula, MT was honored at the Orvis Guide Rendezvous as the Orvis 2016 Fly Fishing Freshwater Guide of the Year. Herzer and his wife Terri Raugland own Blackfoot River Outfitters, a Gold Level TU Business member.
The Bristol Bay Fly Fishing & Guide Academy (formerly the Bristol Bay River Academy) was honored at the 2016 Orvis Guide Rendezvous as the recipient of the annual Orvis Breaking Barriers Award. Nelli Williams, TU Alaska Program Deputy Director accepted the award. The guide academy merges [ READ MORE... ]
One of the greatest things about working with Trout Unlimited is the opportunity to meet truly outstanding people. And the Orvis Guide Rendezvous is a great place to do that. For three decades now, the Orvis Company has been recognizing outstanding guides, lodges and outfitters in its Endorsed [ READ MORE... ]
One of the great things about working with a great conservation outfit like Trout Unlimited is the opportunity to expand your horizons a bit. I’m a westerner – a fourth generation Wyoming guy who thought all the great trout fishing in America was somewhere west of Laramie. Not so – not even close [ READ MORE... ]
Green Anchors is offering a 15% discount to TU members who purchase an anchor any time in 2016. If you’re a guide, we’ll throw in a $79 TU Guide membership for free to help you “get the lead out.” Check out this great deal at www.green-anchors.com.
What do you know about Eugene, OR? Well, if you’re a college sports fan, you know it’s the home of the University of Oregon. If you’re a geographer, you know it’s in the Willamette Valley. And if you’re a TU member, you might even know it’s the site for the 2016 Western Regional Meeting. But if [ READ MORE... ]
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Maven - Even When It's Cold
I’ve used binoculars pretty much all of my 61 years. I’ve used cheap glass and I’ve used very expensive glass. I’ve used all the European glass, tried lots of binoculars that cost more than my first truck. The straight up truth is that I simply can’t justify spending $2,500 for binoculars, no [ READ MORE... ]
With the holidays coming up, we’re all looking for that perfect gift for a fly angler. How about a bamboo shirt, hoodie or polo from Free Fly Apparel? Might be just the thing for that bonefish trip, or maybe for trout fishing next summer. Check them out. They’re TU’s newest business member, and [ READ MORE... ]
“Rivers are wonderfully resilient,” says Ty Churchwell, San Juan Mountains Coordinator for TU’s Sportsmen’s Conservation Project. “We can be thankful for that. The river is alive and well and fishing just great.” "The lesson from Gold King is not that an EPA contractor screwed up, it is that we [ READ MORE... ]