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Trout Unlimited is happy to welcome new Business member Fisher Guiding. They're a great business and excited to become a part of TU’s conservation tradition. Fisher Guiding is a new marketplace for anglers to discover and book fishing guides, and a tool for guides to promote and manage their [ READ MORE... ]
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Green Anchors: Getting the lead out
Lead. It’s bad stuff. We all know that. It’s long gone from paint. We’ve gotten it out of shotgun shells. We’re getting it out of bullets, too. Most of us have abandoned lead as any part of the terminal tackle when we rig up to fish. The idea here is to get it out of places where it can harm living [ READ MORE... ]
OK, show of hands: Who knows Nate Stevane? If you don’t, you should. Everyone knows that you can’t swing a dead cat in Montana, and not hit a fishing outfitter. But not everyone knows Nate Stevane from Trout on the Fly in Butte, MT. I do, and if you fly fish you should, too. Nate is a Montana guy. [ READ MORE... ]
The Trout Unlimited Veteran Service Partnership works with a host of great partners. One of those partners is Project Healing Waters. And one new TU Business member in Pennsylvania is working to improve the lives of veterans through fly fishing and Project Healing Waters.
From breathtaking entryways to indoor or outdoor bake ovens custom-designed for the user to exterior masonry veneer and restoration of old-time brick or stone work, Solid Rock Masonry can do it all. What’s more, they do it with environmental consciousness and a spirit of homegrown hard work and [ READ MORE... ]
One of the highest forms of praise for any of us in the fly fishing world is to be recognized by the best for being the best. Our peers know excellence because they provide excellence. That’s why I was so happy when Madison Valley Ranch was recognized by Orvis at the 2015 Orvis Guide Rendezvous in [ READ MORE... ]
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The Fly Fishing Show - Atlanta, GA
If you live in the Atlanta area and you love fly fishing, you really need to come on down to The Fly Fishing Show at the Infinite Energy Center. You'll see a host of TU Businesses represented. You can try out the gear, check out some great fly fishing destinations and hang out with people who love [ READ MORE... ]
For those of us who live here, it’s an inconvenient truth: Wyoming’s economy is prone to boom and bust cycles. It’s a great place to live, a perfect place to raise a family and an awesome place to fish. But the fact is that Wyoming rides the energy wave. Most recently, we’ve seen booms and busts [ READ MORE... ]
The North Platte River in Wyoming is often called legendary, the proverbial “Land of the Giants”. It’s cliché to say that any river is legendary, but this one really might be. The North Platte is one of only two major rivers in Wyoming that run south to north. Its freestone stretches start in [ READ MORE... ]
These cauldrons change things. They change the way you use your yard. They change the way you entertain. They change your attitude. They’re about fun, creativity and style. You can sit back and enjoy the fire. Because that fire is now elevated, the smoke passes over your head. You can cook over [ READ MORE... ]