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580 volunteers cleaned-up 7.257 tons of trash - that's 14,500 pounds!!! Sweep-the-Hooch began four years ago. Last year 3.7 tons of trash was removed from the river and surrounding banks.
Georgia’s five wildlife license plates will soon cost less and provide more support for conserving Georgia wildlife, from bald eagles to bobwhite quail.
Two days remain in the 2014 session of the Georgia General Assembly – Tuesday and Thursday, March 18th and 20th. It will be a busy week. Expect a flurry of activity right up until midnight on Thursday. This past week much improved SB 299 | Watershed Protection Planning and SB 213 | Flint River [ READ MORE... ]
Crossover Day passed on March 3rd. Any bills to be considered must now have passed at least one chamber. Any bills not passed are dead and will need to be reintroduced as new next January for the 2015-16 General Assembly. We are now at the Seventh Inning Stretch. The last day of the session, Day 40 [ READ MORE... ]
Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to use. That’s how some Georgians may feel if Gov. Deal has his way in the General Assembly with SB 213, the cleverly named Flint River Drought Protection Act. It allows the State and select private partners to store water in underground aquifers to be pumped [ READ MORE... ]
“Hunting and fishing are an indispensable social resource of tremendous national value… Of course, we [anglers and hunters] have always known this, but until recently we failed to tell the public.” ~ Aldo Leopold. What do you want to leave for future generations? At some time, we all consider [ READ MORE... ]
Why, yes they are! It’s the Foxfire Boys and they’ll be picking and fiddling bluegrass music at the closing BBQ dinner hosted by the Georgia Council. Regional meetings are a great way to join fellow anglers from across the Southeast, make new friends, renew old friendships, get in some fishing and [ READ MORE... ]
Dates to watch: Yesterday, Friday, February 21st was Day 26. Monday, March 3rd is Crossover Day, Day 30. Crossover Day is the last day for legislation to pass the chamber in which it was introduced and transfer to the other chamber for consideration. Senate bills must pass the Senate, and House [ READ MORE... ]
That’s where Georgia House Motor Vehicles Chairman Rep. Tom Rice left Wildlife License Plates for trout, bobwhite quail and nongame species Wednesday afternoon. In a surprise move, the Chairman refused to allow a vote on Vice Chairman Rep. Bubber Epps’ HB 730 which would immediately waive the $25 [ READ MORE... ]
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Sweep-the-Hooch 2014
Why not clean-up 44 river miles in one day? Why not sweep clean the entire Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area in one fell swoop? Why not have the largest river clean-up in Atlanta’s history? Why not? So we did!