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Many great comments were submitted for last month's Guess the River contest but there can only be one winner. This time around it's Justin Garant with the guess of the Green River in northern Utah.
Do you love guessing games? I’ll admit I do. My love of guessing games might have been renewed because of my kids addiction to them recently. Our bookshelves are haphazardly lined with all sorts of guessing games and books.
Picture this. You’re sitting on a rock, tailgate or a patch of nice ground along the river’s edge either by yourself or with good companionship. It’s been a long day on the water and the sun is making it’s daily move behind the clouds and the mountains.
Who taught you a respect for the river? As an interviewer it’s a simple question, right? Ten years ago, I would never have imagined paying attention as I do today when a father and daughter speak about a family tradition of loving and respecting the river.
By Josh Duplechian  
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Trout Tips - The Haul
This week TROUT Magazine editor Kirk Deeter is back to discuss the haul for trout anglers. Watch as Deeter discusses a technique which can be practiced while out on the water this summer. "The trick is not to let your arms fly apart too far," says Deeter. "Rather it's like playing an accordion."
In this episode of TROUT Tips with TROUT Magazine editor Kirk Deeter we talk about the most common mistake that anglers make when they make a cast. The tailing loop. “The tailing loop is to fly anglers what the slice is to golfers,” says Deeter. Deeter discusses a simple trick to remedy this [ READ MORE... ]
Are you a pack rat by nature? Guilty on all accounts. I've got fly line, extra spools and countless other material lying around my garage. Time to put it to good use. This week Kirk Deeter, editor of TROUT Magazine, is back with a simple tip on what to do with some of that old fly line laying [ READ MORE... ]
In the last episode of TROUT Tips TROUT Magazine editor Kirk Deeter discussed the possibility of spooking fish with fly line color. This time he’s back to talk about another cause of missed fish, the false cast. Anglers inadvertently turn to the false cast as a way to perfectly place their fly on [ READ MORE... ]
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Spring pause
The morning light in the window is soft and bright. The old Labrador takes her time getting up out of bed. It’s cold in the room and I’m lamenting the fact that I didn’t turn the heat on last night. These are signs of a spring in the Rockies. No need to check the forecast. No need to check the [ READ MORE... ]