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Spring pause
The morning light in the window is soft and bright. The old Labrador takes her time getting up out of bed. It’s cold in the room and I’m lamenting the fact that I didn’t turn the heat on last night. These are signs of a spring in the Rockies. No need to check the forecast. No need to check the [ READ MORE... ]
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A Voice for Little Mountain
The excitement on her face when she brings her first native Colorado River cutthroat trout to her hands is infectious. Although she has only been fly fishing for a year seventeen year old Haley Powell has spent the greater part of her life with her family and friends in places like Little Mountain [ READ MORE... ]
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Her Home Water
I push aside backpacks, strollers and a wagon to clear the path for the 1970’s Schwinn single speed cruiser. Attached to the faded maroon steed is a bright yellow and blue trailer. Water bottles, Dora the Explorer books and countless snacks clutter the cabin. Look closely you will see a single [ READ MORE... ]
Between the spring thaw and the first fall snow, there is a small window where you can access the Wyoming high country. Places like Little Mountain and the Wyoming Range, which are home to thriving populations of deer and elk as well as native trout, are inaccessible much of the year. So during [ READ MORE... ]
"Man, I wish I had a video camera," we've all thought it — watching the stream roll along, chatting with a passionate individual about a stream, a project or great days of fishing.
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When Communities Care
When the venue goes silent in anticipation is when you know that community cares. When thoughtful questions are asked is when you know a community cares. When outfitters, anglers, business owners, sportsmen and women show up is when you know a community cares. For three consecutive nights [ READ MORE... ]
By Cory Toye Of all the unique qualities a person can possess, I admire a strong work ethic the most. This trait is not limited to building something or using your hands and mind to accomplish great feats. A strong work ethic and commitment can make someone a better father, mother, husband, [ READ MORE... ]
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Guadalupe River