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Trout Unlimited is surveying its ENTIRE membership in an effort to better understand our members.
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The making of a "Life" rod
Along with Orvis, we've put together a truly amazing rod for this year's new life members. Zachary Dingus talked about the process of creating the new rod in the last issue of TROUT magazine.
Chris Wood, President and CEO of Trout Unlimited, talks about a new way to protect public lands in the West.
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We need your opinion!
Welcome to a New Year. At TU, we know that our volunteers and members are the beating heart of our organization, so we want to understand what members like about our organization and what we can do to improve the experience of being a member.
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Lower Platter River (MI)
Anyone having any luck swinging for steelies at the mouth? I'm planning to spend a few mornings over that way this holiday season.
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2014 Photo contest results
  Grand Prize Winner American writer and fly-fisher, Dave Karczynski, is fighting a really nice trout on the Bobr River in Lower Silesia, Poland (above). Sadly, after a short fight, the fish was gone. We called this trout ‘Stanislaw.’ © Arek Kubale  
Partners for salmon and steelhead
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TU's CAST Campaign
Trout Unlimited’s Campaign for America’s Salmon and Trout (CAST) is nearing completion, and we need help to meet our goal by September 30, 2014.
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Chris Wood on CAST
With every dam we’ve helped remove… with every acre we’ve helped permanently protect, TU continues to make fishing better all across America.
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Patsy Ishiyama - CAST Profile
Although I’m a California native, I think of my home water as the Henry’s Fork in Idaho, where I’ve gone for years with my family.