About me 
Chris Herrman is Trout Unlimited’s (TU) Colorado Director of the Coldwater Conservation Fund (CCF). The CCF catalyzes new projects, sustains conservation work, supports fisheries science and provides general support for the organization. It is funded by individual donors and has been at the heart of TU’s success for over 20 years. Chris is a veteran conservation professional and has served as a leader with organizations nationwide. His role is to connect TU’s Colorado staff and volunteers with CCF donors in Colorado and beyond. Chris works closely with the Colorado Council, the Western Water Project, the Sportsmen’s Conservation Project, the Western Restoration Program and the state’s chapters to share their work with donors to help insure the continued success of that work. He is a TU life member, having first joined the organization over 25 years ago and has worked for TU in Colorado since 2010. He owns more fly rods that any one person should and is equally at home chasing cutthroat with a 3 weight or bonefish with an 8 weight.
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