About me 
I joined TU in 2007 to lead the organization's eastern conservation efforts, working from Georgia to Maine and over to the Great Lakes to protect, reconnect, and restore habitat for native and wild trout and Atlantic salmon. Way back in 1993, I received a B.A. in biology from Colby College and later in 1998 an M.B.A. and M.S. in natural resource policy from the University of Michigan. As a result, I have a real soft spot for Maine and Michigan as well as western Massachusetts where as a child I spent countless vacations hiking, fishing, skiing and generally horsing about in and around my grandparents' farm. Being one of only two conservation staff in TU's national office, these days I spend much of my time hiking and fishing with my husband and two children in Rock Creek Park.
Favorite quote 
“One final paragraph of advice: do not burn yourselves out. Be as I am - a reluctant enthusiast....a part-time crusader, a half-hearted fanatic. Save the other half of yourselves and your lives for pleasure and adventure. It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it. While you can. While it’s still here. So get out there and hunt and fish and mess around with your friends, ramble out yonder and explore the forests, climb the mountains, bag the peaks, run the rivers, breathe deep of that yet sweet and lucid air, sit quietly for a while and contemplate the precious stillness, the lovely, mysterious, and awesome space. Enjoy yourselves, keep your brain in your head and your head firmly attached to the body, the body active and alive, and I promise you this much; I promise you this one sweet victory over our enemies, over those desk-bound men and women with their hearts in a safe deposit box, and their eyes hypnotized by desk calculators. I promise you this; You will outlive the bastards.” ― Edward Abbey
Group membership 
Michigan Trout Unlimited - 9MI
Eastern Shale Gas
Southeast Conservation Project