Wild Steelhead

Wild Steelhead

Wild Steelhead on a fly gets everyone's heart beating faster and their hands trembling!  They just do!  The O&C lands have dozens of rivers running through them that have these amazing fish - finning through their waters twelve months of the year. Some rivers host a summer run.  Others receive a winter run and some, actually get steelhead coming all the time.  The North Umpqua is an example of this.  Some of the scenes in this video were shot on the North Umpqua during the winter run. Other segments were shot on one of my favorite coastal streams.  All of the video was shot on O&C lands.  

Trout Unlimited is committed to, and deeply engaged with a large contingent of stake holders, working towards a balanced approach to the O&C lands with an eye towards multi-use and keeping these rivers running with cold, clean water that give wild steelhead a place to perpetuate their species for our future.  Now get off this website and get out there and find one to wrap your hands around!  Enjoy.


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