White River

Tip of the week 

Black or white woolly buggers; sexy stones. Water is warming up and the bass are getting aggressive with top water popper action.

Seven-day forecast 

If you plan on fishing the White River, I'd recommend focusing on the stretch between Muncie and Perkinsville. Down stream from here will be flooded soon. The Castleton area received almost 5" of rain last night. Up stream should be wadable in 3-4 days; weather cooperating naturally.

Must Have Flies 
TeQueely Streamer Yellow 6-8 Buy from Orvis.com
Tungsten Cone Head Woolly Bugger black or olive 8 Buy from Orvis.com
Clouser Minnow chart/white 6 Buy from Orvis.com
Hair Bass Bug Fruit Cocktail 4-6 Buy from Orvis.com
Sneaky Pete Popper Black 4-8 Buy from Orvis.com
Bass Popper black, olive, white 4-10 Buy from Orvis.com
Orvis Carmel

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