Williamson River

Tip of the week 

Flows are extremely low and water clarity is very good for this time of year as currently no flow of dark, tannin colored water is coming from the Klamath Marsh.

ODFW encourages catch and release in this fishery to promote trophy sized fish as the Williamson River is managed for trophy redband trout.

Fishing for redband trout is best from the confluence of the Sprague River to slack water above Modoc Point Bridge. Most effective fishing occurs from a drift boat as little public access occurs. Most anglers hire a guide to fish this river due to the challenge of catching fish. Most anglers fly fish this section of river. Numerous insect hatches are occurring including hex's, various mayflies and caddis. Leech and wooly bugger patterns work well in early season before fish get educated.

Seven-day forecast 

Remember proper fish handling with warmer temperatures in the forecast.

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