Winter Haven Chain of Lakes

Tip of the week 

Time to fish your mayfly patterns. The Giant Mayfly hatch is still in full swing, and best bets are around sunset with big spinner patterns like a Stimulator sz 8 or Real McCoy Muck Hex . This is lazy fishing at it's best, as the fly only needs an occasional twitch. There are many tadpoles in the lakes. An olive damselfly nymph or olive wooly bugger is a great imitation. Fish as near to shore as possible. This technique has been deadly with the warm weather.

Seven-day forecast 

Also, grass shrimp for panfish-try a popper dropper technique. Watch out for afternoon summer pattern thunderstorms this time of year. They can be incredible, but don't go to far, as they usually blow over in a half hour.

Must Have Flies 
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