Winter Haven Chain of Lakes

Tip of the week 

Because of cooler evenings, we have seen the fishing move to a more fall pattern. Clouser deep minnows on the outside of the weedline are consistent with smaller bass (olive/white and all white size 2 to size 6.) Bluegill are starting to cooperate on pheasant tails and scuds, fished as droppers (try a small hook beetle or AP dragon for the hopper.) Poppers with rubber legs will still work in the afternoons and evening.

Seven-day forecast 

Fall is here and we see a few boats out late at night with lights meaning that the crappie fishing season is here. A few fly anglers are very successful on the 'Black speckled perch' or what we call Specs and the rest of the world calls crappie. Most catch them shallow with light jigs and clousers. The new jig style nymphs will work well for this.

Must Have Flies 
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