Winter Haven Chain of Lakes

Tip of the week 

Male Bass are in shallow areas where the beds are plentiful. Deep flies like clouser minnows, and turd burglers will drop to the places that bass are hunkering. Mornings are slow and evenings are better. Fishing the bottom seems to be important. In clear lakes, natural colors have done well: black, tan, white, or olive wooly bugger can be very effective fr this. Docks are holding bass near the bedding flats. Please carefully handle fish for release during bedding season.

Seven-day forecast 

Grass carp and tilapia will begin to bed amonst the bass. Bass beds are smaller andtaller. The grass eaters will have wider and shallower beds. This is the time of year we get lots of tilapia reports. Fish for the bass, and you might get one to bite.

Must Have Flies 
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