Winter Haven Chain of Lakes

Tip of the week 

The big Mayfly hatch is going on. Blue gill are voracious, ripping the surface as these mayfly emerge. Large mayfly patterns in yellow, tan and white will work well. Even large Simulators fit the bill. Size 8 to 4. Lily pads continue to be good for bluegill. The grass shrimp are late, but happening right now. Fish grass edges under an indicator. Smaller bass 10"-16" are cruising weedlines, and in general, are in deeper water again. Deep diving Clouser minnows are reliable, but use a smaller size for these fish. While we normally use size 2, but have found size 6 to be best. Bluegill are taking Clousers too.

Seven-day forecast 

Dragon flies and damsel flies are everywhere, so try those adult patterns, or try some nymph versions. Olive wooly buggers are a great version of this. Since most of the dragon flies will crawl out on shore to molt into an adult, fish very, very close to shore. There are various sizes of different species that are maturing now, so a size 10 to a size 4 could be effective. Also, there are a lot of tiny bass and blue gill in the water. Small clousers are always effective imitations. Again fish very shallow.

Must Have Flies 
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