Winter Haven Chain of Lakes

Tip of the week 

The local fishing has been excellent. The hotter days and water temps make it more difficult to constantly catch fish. The morning and evening have been fairly good but as day heats up it puts a hampering on the bass fishing. The Dog Days of Summer are a tough yet rewarding time to fish in Central Florida. Some days have produced solid bass action with early topwater bites, then larger streamers and crayfish flies being most productive during the warmest parts of the day. The shad are still schooling up providing us with a unique chance at seeing bass leap out at your fly in open water. Matching the hatch is key when the bass are keyed in on shad. Smaller profile white streamers will do the trick. Find sandy or hard bottom and you'll find the panfish, they are responding well to midges suspended a popper about 2 feet. Hippie Stompers are also a favorite dry fly since it can mimic everything from a grass hopper to a dragonfly, fishing this pattern is very simple just sit and wait the slower the better. In the lily pads the game fish are seeking shade on the sunniest of days so target these areas. Bass don't have eyelids so they find cover during those slick calm days, and roam more during the overcast days. They have been consistently caught around bullrushes and are a little deeper than usual. The panfish have definitely been more active so take advantage if the bass bite tapers off and catch some nice TB'S.

Seven-day forecast 

It looks like a rainy week in the afternoons. Peace River, Econ River, and Myakka River are above normal. The Hillsborough River are above normal. Lake levels continue to rise with the afternoon rain pattern in Central Florida.

Must Have Flies 
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