Winter Haven Chain of Lakes

Tip of the week 

Small frye are on the edge of the weed lines. Wooly buggers, Puglisi Glass minnows, and Brooke's Blonde in white, size 6 or 8. Best casting angle is parallel to the weedline. Strip the fly right next to the weeds. (This is contrary to normal, where we cast from 25 feet off the weeds and strip toward the middle of the lake.) Bass and bigger bluegill are cruising the weedline from the reports we are getting.

Seven-day forecast 

Elsewhere, you will see a hopper-dropper rig mentioned. This time of year is when the bigger grass hoppers become common. Large, scary foam hoppers can be deadly on their own, and they are double deadly when used with a dropper fly. Typical droppers are bh pheasant tails sz14 and bh prince sz 12. But, try small minnow patterns as the season's frye are about 1 inch long. Puglissi's glass minnows in sz 8, or Gibson's Myakka minnow sz 8 are good options under the hopper.

Must Have Flies 
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