Wood River

Tip of the week 

Wood River is one of the best brown trout fisheries in the state. Fishing remains ok on the Wood River with low flows and good insect hatches. Numerous mayflies, stoneflies and caddis flies are hatching especially on warmer overcast days. Past ODFW studies have shown brown trout consuming large numbers of earthworms during the spring below weed road. Bait is not allowed but imitations of earthworms such as San Juan worm flies should work well. The highest density of brown trout in the river occurs below Weed Road in the early season. Anglers should also have success fishing spoons and plugs in the deep pools for brown trout. If brown trout are not rising to insects they are typically holding in deep water or under cover. Flies and lures should be fished deep when no surface activity is observed. Sculpins are also a favorite food for brown trout. Sculpins live on the bottom of the river which is another reason anglers need to present flies and lures near the bottom. Anglers should concentrate their efforts from Fort Klamath to the mouth.

A boat is recommended to fish the Wood River as little public land occurs on the river. Most anglers use a low profile boat to float under and portage around the many obstacles on the river. A typical drift boat can be used from Weed Road to mouth but can't be used upstream due to low bridges. Bank access is limited but public property is available on BLM property at the BLM wetland and the USFS Day use area above Fort Klamath. Small boats can be launched at Kimball State Park (breathtaking headwaters), USFS day use area, Highway 62 bridge crossing and Weed Road. Weed Road has the only semi-improved boat launch for larger boats such and drift boats.

Seven-day forecast 

With the overcast weather in the forecast look for some good dry fly activity!

Must Have Flies 
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