Yakima River

Tip of the week 

The best techniques lately have been fishing big dries early in the morning when the shade is on the water, and midday we have been nymphing with the Pat's and small CDC Pheasant tail and caddis nymphs. Once evening comes and shade gets on the water fish the big dry and the small caddis dry fly.

Seven-day forecast 

The extended weather and river forecast is looking great for the Yakima river right now.

Must Have Flies 
CDC Caddis Orange 14 Buy from Orvis.com
Shaggy Wire Caddis Red 08 Buy from Orvis.com
Stimulator Olive 16 Buy from Orvis.com
Tunghead Hare's Ear Flashback Olive 16 Buy from Orvis.com
T.H. Soft Hackle Caddis Pupa Tan 14 Buy from Orvis.com
Headlight Caddis Tan 14 Buy from Orvis.com
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