Yellow Breeches Creek

Tip of the week 

Nymphing will (still) take the most fish. Match method to water type. Czech, NZ Indicator, and regular indicator tactics all have their places. Dry fly fishing has improved over the last week with a variety of olives, grey fox, and sulphurs emerging both mornng and afternon hours. Watch for a spurt of flies at dusk with likelyhood of spinner falls too. Don't ignore the caddis flies.

Seven-day forecast 

We have returned to summer-like conditions with water temperatures being an issue in some stretches. It looks like warm stuff right through the weekend though we are getting a bit of MUCH needed rain today (Wednesday). Nymphing is still the most productive method overall but dry flies are definitely having their moments. Late last week we had one of those super days that occur a few times per season. Cool weather, lots of bugs and fish biting like crazy! Patrick caught, well not saying how many, but catch included some really nice wild brown trout, one I could barely hold it was so fat. NICE FISH! Tuesday (reason I am doing this on Wednesday) I spent the day on the Breeches with Ed Jaworoski and Jason Randall shooting stuff f(read; photos) for Jason's upcoming book on nymph fishing. We had a great time, showed the guys some new (to them) water, and we each caught some trout. With the warmer days/nights though the nicer wild brownies were difficult to come by. We did get some little guys on nymphs plus a number of stocked trout (several of which were pretty nice ffish) and Ed took the two nicest stream bred browns in the afternoon on dry flies. GO FIGURE!

Some weeks ago several of the regulars and guides, Allenberry, and the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum got together over $1,400 and bought 455 brown trout for the C&R area, so please be careful with our fish! They are expensive. The Yellow Breeches Anglers have also done an excellent job stocking the C&R and other parts of the creek. Give something back and support them at P.O. Box 1, Boiling Springs, PA 17007-0001. Memberships are $15.00 and donations to feed the fish are always welcome.
Fishing pressure in the Run has dropped a little and it is still holding a good number of fish. Terrestrials, little olives, tiny black flies and midge stuff is the medicine in there. There are still a few scumbags hanging around the Iron Furnace Park though. Over the last weekend some Bright Star tried to break down the sign holder at the parking area and ripped the "Special Regulations" sign off of it. There still seems to be very little Fish Commission presence. It is the responsibility of everyone who uses this area to help police it. The Commission officers are already stretched to the max. Don't dodge and say "I don't want to get involved". Take a pic and e-mail it to Executive Director John Arwary at or call Southcentral Region office at (717) 486-7087. If you see something not legal going on and don't make a call/take a pic. (or are you like, almost the only person in the country who doesn't have a cell phone?) then don't complain when the fish are gone.
Enjoy the fishing and please be courteous to other anglers. And if you get into some fish please don't put the location on the internet! General information is good! It always feels best when you earn it.

Must Have Flies 
Bead Head American Pheasant Tail 12-18 Buy from
Bead Head Prince 14-16 Buy from
TH Zebra Midge black/olive 20-24 Buy from
Hot Head Euro Pheasant Tail pink, orange 14-16 Buy from
Davy's Skating Caddis Tan 14-16 Buy from
Sulphur Parachute black/olive 8-10 Buy from
Tom Baltz/Endorsed Guide

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