Yellow Breeches Creek

Tip of the week 

Nymphing will (still) take the most fish. Match method to water type. Czech, NZ Indicator, and regular indicator tactics all have their places. Terrestrials along banks. Watch for morning and dusk hatches of tricos, blue winged olives (morning olives), little baetis type olives, assorted caddis, and light colored flies at dark. Those could be big Potamanthus or smaller (#12-14) cream/yellow cahill types of flies. Most of this stuff is sporadic and spotty.

Seven-day forecast 

Well, so much for that! Pounding T-storms last night have the creek wrecked again. As of mid-day Monday, Mountain creek is running hard and muddy. Breeches below Williams Grove was high and cloudy. I would not have wanted to try wading across it. Around Boiling Springs, the stream was muddy and looked like it was going to get worse before it gets better. All that said, IF we don't get hammered again things should calm down by about Wednesday and at least be fishable. Weather Guy says hot for the rest of the week though, with daytime temps in the low 90's and nighttime lows about 70+ degrees. Better get up early! Guided Bob from Buffalo yesterday and we hoped to hit some tricos. NOT. Front moving through before daylight must have blown them away. I saw maybe one bug on a prime stretch and almost no rises. Certainly no trout were pecking at a few tricos that I didn't see. We caught a few on nymphs and then pounded the bank with a big ant with some success, I might add. Tricos are around, there were some in spider webs from previous emergences, but their appearances seem to be as spotty as the rest of the fishing has been. That's the game and anglers, like card players, must play the hand they are delt!

Some weeks ago several of the local anglers, guides, Allenberry, and the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum got together over $1,400 and bought 455 brown trout for the C&R area, so please be careful with our fish! They are expensive. The Yellow Breeches Anglers have also done an excellent job stocking the C&R and other parts of the creek. Give something back and support them by joining the Club. Memberships are $15 annually. Send check to YBAC, Box 1, Boiling Springs, PA 17007-0001. Contributions to feed the fish are always welcome too.

Fishing pressure in the Run is still pretty heavy but it is still holding a good number of fish. Terrestrials, little olives, tiny black flies and midge stuff is the medicine in there. The "Special Regulations" sign torn down a few weeks ago has been replaced by Deputy Waterways Conservation Officer Bob Houser though poaching is still rampant. Officer Houser has been "dropping by" on a regular basis but it should be noted here that he (read all Deputies) is a VOLUNTEER who has a "regular job" and does not receive any regular pay for his law enforcement efforts. He gets there when he can. He also (at his own expense basically) patrols quite a few other waterways in the area including Big Spring, Mountain Creek, and other spots. These guys not only don't get paid, they must buy their uniforms, firearms, and graduate from the same course as State Police candidates. They also must qualify annually with their side arms and undergo periodic training sessions. WHAT DO YOU DO ON YOUR VACATION? It is the responsibility of everyone who uses this area to help police it. The Commission officers are already stretched to the max. Don't dodge and say "I don't want to get involved". Take a pic and e-mail it to Executive Director John Arwary at or call Southcentral Region office at (717) 486-7087. If you see something not legal going on and don't make a call/take a pic. (or are you like, almost the only person in the country who doesn't have a cell phone?) then don't complain when the fish are gone. PLEASE be part of the solution.
Enjoy the fishing and please be courteous to other anglers. And if you get into some fish please don't put the location on the internet! General information is good! It always feels best when you earn it.

Must Have Flies 
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Tom Baltz/Endorsed Guide

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