Yellow Breeches Creek

Tip of the week 

Czech or French/Spainish style nymphing, more familiar tightline techniques, the New Zealand Strikeindicator system, and float techniques are all producing fish. Each produces best when fished in appropriate water. Natural patterns suggesting size 10 to 18 mayfly nymphs and many of the European nymph patterns are taking trout. Attractor patterns like Copper John and flashback stuff will take a few fish too especially during times when the stream is off color from T-storms. Tough to beat a Hare's ear nymph though. Zebra Midge (assorted colors) and my tan caddis pupa has also been a hot fly recently. Watch hatches and match observed insects.

Seven-day forecast 

The Breeches has been fishing well overall, but now water temperatures are a factor. Another factor is the kayakers floating the area from Boiling Springs down. They are supposed to take out at Boiling Springs Bridge where Segment #1 of the Water Trail ends and re-launch at Brandtsville, where Segment #2 of the Water Trail picks up. Anyway, if no kayaks have floated over your fishing area, use a stream thermometer and check water temps! 65 degrees is the cutoff point. After a warm night Saturday and a hot Sunday morning, we hit 65 degrees about 12:30 p.m. Over that and fishing will be SLOW! It's not a great idea to run the trout around even though they aren't biting. Mornings are the best time to try fishing. Get out early. Evening fishing is best right at and after dusk. Bring a light along but don't shine it all over the place. You will usually kill your chances by doing so. The Little Run at Boiling Springs still has some trout in it but their numbers are getting thin. Some of that is due to poaching but a great deal of damage is being done by too many great blue herons. Saturday a week ago I stood on the little bridge over the Run and could see several dozen trout in the "Bread Pool". By Sunday morning, most of them were gone.
The Yellow Breeches Anglers have done an excellent job stocking the C&R and other parts of the creek. Give something back and support them by joining the Club. Memberships are $15 annually and are good for the calendar year.. Send check to YBAC, Box 1, Boiling Springs, PA 17007-0001. Contributions to feed the fish are always welcome too.
If you see anyone fishing bait or attempting to snag fish in the C&R area take a pic and call Southcentral Region office at (717) 486-7087. E-mail thoughts, good or bad, to PFBC Executive Director John Arway at For nefarious activity of a non-fishing nature call the Pennsylvania State Police at 717-243-4121.
Enjoy the fishing and please be courteous to other anglers. And if you get into some fish please don't put the location on the internet! General information is good! It always feels best when you earn it.

Must Have Flies 
La Fontaine Sparkle Pupa olive, tan #14-18 Buy from
Bead Head Prince #14-18 Buy from
Bead Head American Pheasant Tail #14-18 Buy from
Blue Winged Olive #16 Buy from
Elk Wing Caddis #14-18 Buy from
Rusty Spinner #14-18 Buy from
Tom Baltz/Endorsed Guide

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