Yellow Breeches Creek

Tip of the week 

Don't count on seeing much in the way of hatches but in the event that three or more very nice days with sun string together some midges or a few of the other bugs mentioned elsewhere might show. Flat water reaches will offer the best midging prospects. Nymphs fished at a distance are the best bet for a few fish. Oh and yes, I do know what a streamer is. I also know that, due to larger hooks and the way trout take them that more fish are inadvertantly injured. Let your conscience be your guide. Just be as careful as possible. If you dare or can't think of anything else to do, tie on a Bugger. Drift and jig it rather than stripping it.

Seven-day forecast 

There have been a few reports of midging fish on a couple of warmer days. Last Monday I rode along the Breeches above Brandtsville and it looked like Opening Day. Not a fly fisherman in the group. Weather Guy says very cold for the next week with snow a good possibility off and on for the next two days. Breeches is in great shape with a beautiful greenish color to the water. If one must, trout can no doubt be caught but don't expect a lot of action until we get a warm spell. Work deep with nymphs and be thorough and patient. Dress warmly! This is great fly tying weather. Hit the Carlisle Fish & Game Club on Friday night about 7 p.m. for the program.
The spawn on the Breeches is over but watch for new, light colored spots on the stream bottom. There will be a depression with a mound of gravel just behind it. Please try not to wade in those spots.
The Little Run in Boiling Springs is holding a fair number of fish if you can get by the poachers. Call (717) 486-7087 to report violators. Of course, office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday so hopefully the poachers only poach during those hours! If you are frustrated with the law enforcement situation in PA e-mail Executive Director John Arwary at

Must Have Flies 
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Tom Baltz/Endorsed Guide

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