Yellowstone River - In Yellowstone Park

Tip of the week 

Fish the edges where the trout like to hang out and sip the hatching insects

Seven-day forecast 

Closed at LeHardy Rapids until July 15. The river is open to fishing below Yellowstone Falls although but conditions are high and muddy right now from the rain and snow that fell July 11.
Day time temperatures are cool to hot. Pack your gear accordingly.

Must Have Flies 
Stimulator orange or yellow 2-8 Buy from
Sparkle Dun olive or gray 16-20 Buy from
Hairwing Western Green Drake dark olive 10 Buy from
Tunghead Stonefly black or brown 4-8 Buy from
Bead Head Rubber-Legged Orvis CJ black or brown 4-8 Buy from
Bead Head Giant Stone black or brown 4-8 Buy from
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