Yellowstone River - Livingston

Tip of the week 

The river has thawed out for now and fishing has been possible. Nymphing slower water with smaller stonefly nymphs trailed with midge patterns has been producing. Slowly stripped or swung streamers have also been taking some fish. A full sink line helps to get the streamers down deep enough. Look for fish rising to midges in eddies and slicks.

Seven-day forecast 

Watch for slush and ice to form with the colder temps this week.

Must Have Flies 
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Bead Head BrassieĀ™ Black or Red 18 Buy from
Krystal Bugger Olive 8 Buy from
Lightning Bug silver 16 Buy from
Zonker Tan 6-8 Buy from
Hot Head Euro Pheasant Tail 14 Buy from
Fins and Feathers-Bozeman

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