Help Orvis and Trout Unlimited Remove Harmful Culverts


Orvis has pledged $90,000 to turn every $100 you donate into $200 towards culvert removal and modification.


Visit Orvis' 1,000 Miles Campaign page.

The Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles Campaign is dedicated to removing and improving culverts across the country. Each year TU will research and create a list of watersheds to benefit from a concerted culvert replacement effort.

To quote TU President and CEO Chris Wood, “fixing a culvert so that fish can pass is one of the best investments in trout recovery.” Give to the Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles Campaign to get the best return on your fish habitat donation.

Culverts can prevent trout from reaching important habitat

Aquatic ecologists have estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of culverts blocking fish passage across the United States. Poorly engineered culverts create a huge impediment to fish passage, spawning and survival.

  • Fish may need to jump to pass through culverts placed above stream level.
  • Currents around culverts may be too swift for fish passage.
  • Culverts are often too shallow for trout to swim through.
  • Badly engineered culverts may have nowhere for fish to rest during their passage.

Fish need to move easily through a stream to feed, find cooler water, avoid predators, and reach spawning habitat. Poorly constructed or poorly engineered culverts present as big a threat to trout as large dams.

Help replace harmful culverts by giving to the Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles Campaign.

Culvert removal can be fairly simple

Culvert removal costs far less than removing a dam, and the overall impact to the effected watersheds is often greater. Removing culverts also tends to create far less controversy than removing a dam.

Current TU culvert removal projects are taking place all over the country.

  • In the Blackfoot drainage of Idaho
  • In the Bear River drainage of Utah, Wyoming and Idaho
  • In the Sierra of California
  • All along the Eastern Seaboard

Donate now to get the best return on your fish habitat donation


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