Asian Carp and the Great Lakes

Trout Unlimited is gravely concerned about the imminent threat of Asian Carp invading the Great Lakes. To date we have sent out an Action Alert pressuring federal and state agencies to take the most aggressive action possible to prevent invasion. There was an excellent response by our members to the alert request. We are cooperating with many of the other Great Lakes organizations on sign-on letters to various congressional and federal administration officials requesting urgent action. Another Action Alert is being prepared regarding the proposed legislation from Sen. Stabenow and Card and should be coming out shortly. We are also strategizing with our DC-based policy staff on the best places to apply pressure to ensure that Illinois gets the resources it needs right now to maintain aggressive and high levels of monitoring and control and continuing to pressure the Army of Corp of Engineers to move very quickly on the plan to ecologically separate the Great Lakes and Mississippi systems.


How is TU responding to the Asian Carp issue in the Great Lakes? 


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