Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

CFC Organizations do not provide goods or services in whole or partial consideration for any contributions made to the organizations via this pledge card.
Contributing to TU via the CFC does not grant you membership in our organization or any gifts or premiums that are offered at certain membership levels. If you are requesting membership in TU, please mail or fax TU a copy of your pledge card indicating the amount contributed to TU and a brief note requesting membership.

Please note:

If you continue to contribute to TU through the CFC program, please notify us each year with your pledge card to extend your membership. Otherwise, you will receive membership renewal notices from TU to renew your annual membership
Regardless of amount contributed, TU will provide a 1-year Regular membership.
No advertised gift from TU will be sent to you for any promotion or offer you may have received.
Your membership benefits will include membership in your local chapter, an annual calendar, and 4 issues of Trout magazine.

Please mail a copy of your pledge card to:

Trout Unlimited

Attn: CFC Department
1777 North Kent St, Suite 100
Arlington, VA 22209

For further questions regarding the CFC program, please call (703) 522-0200.


How can I have my Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) applied as a membership to TU?


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