Leaders Only Section

The Leaders Only Section (LOS) of the Members Center is for TU Chapter and Council leaders. It offers them various tools and information to effectively manage and promote their local chapter and council of TU and fulfill TU's mission. Attached is a powerpoint presentation that offers additional help on how to access the LOS and all the tools it contains.

Chapter Leaders include Board Members, President, Vice President, Conservation Chair, Fundraising Chair, Membership Chair, Newsletter Editor, Secretary, Treasurer, and Webmaster.
Council Leaders include Executive Director, NLC Representative, Council Chair, Vice Chair, Area Vice President, Conservation Chair,Fundraising Chair, Membership Chair, Newsletter Editor, Secretary, Treasurer, and Webmaster.

If you are a chapter or council leader and you login to the website the  "Leaders Only Section" link will appear in the in the drop down menu after hovering over "Get Involved" at the top of the page.

Your leadership role determines what access you have within the LOS. Chapter Presidents and Council Chairs have the ability to update the leadership listing by accessing "Update Council Leaders" or "Update Chapter Leaders". If you do not have access to the LOS and you are a current chapter or council leader, please contact your Chapter President or Council Chair to grant you access to the LOS, or TU's Volunteer Operations Director Jeff Yates at jyates@tu.org.


What is the Leaders Only Section (LOS) and who is it for? How do I access it? What tools are available?


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