New to fishing and need advice

Congratulations! Whether you are a fly fisher, spin fisher, bait fisher, deep sea fisher....welcome! While Trout Unlimited's membership base if primarily made up of fly fishers whose passion is trout, we welcome you to the angling community.

If you are a TU member, contact your local chapter and get involved. TU members are always willing to share their stories and tips and tricks of the trade. You'll find them to be some of the most knowledgeable and helpful anglers on the stream.

If you are not a member of TU, click here  to join today and begin a fascinating discovery and journey of the world of trout and salmon! is great way to learn more about fishing. The website houses discussion boards for advice, tips and tricks. You can join a group for like-minded anglers and strike up conversations, share photos, etc.

If you are a fly fisher, TU does recommend the practice of practice, practice, practice and you will see a world of endless possibility. And if you don't catch a fish, no worries! Just being out on the water makes for a most excellent day!


I'm new to fishing and need some help getting started. What do I need to know? 


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