TU return address labels

Please note that the TU return address label was previously sent out in our Embrace-A-Stream fundraising mailing. Due to high demand for this item, and volume of requests to change spelling/format of name or address, TU worked with VistaPrint to offer TU members a custom label at a low price.

Please visit: http://troutunlimited.biz.vistaprint.com and select the box for address labels. TU has partnered with VistaPrint to offer not only the TU logo return address label, but also 5 fly-patterned labels including the caddis, hopper, salmon fly, sparkle pupa, and Royal Wulff. The address label can be customized to your liking. A set of 140 address labels is offered for $3.99 plus shipping to all TU members. VistaPrint donates 10% of all TU address label purchases back to TU. Send a friend a letter and help support TU.

All orders must be placed online.



TU has offered return address labels in the past. Are they still available?


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