TU Stream Access Policy Update

We continue to receive questions about where TU stands on the stream access issue.

Trout Unlimited is committed to defending stream access. TU recognizes that fishing is the essential motivation for many TU members and other angler conservationists.One of the most important ways that we will use to work to increase access is to strengthen our involvement with state and federal agencies to increase public access to streams and rivers by advocating for increased funding for programs that purchase voluntary easements and access to land from willing sellers.

In September 2007 the Trout Unlimited Board of Trustees and the NLC were unified in supporting continuing TU's current policy on stream access which allows chapters and councils to defend existing stream access laws. Also, the Trustees directed staff to move forward with development of a program to increase TU' s involvement in improving state and federal programs to increase funding to allow agencies to purchase more voluntary easements and access to land from willing sellers.

TU is moving forward on our conservation work at all levels, local, state, and national. If you are already a member or contributor, we look forward to your continued support. If you are not yet a member or supporter, and have been thinking about where TU stands on stream access, we hope this information helps lead you to joining us in tackling our challenges and achieving our goals.


Steve Moyer, Vice President Government Affairs

(703) 522-0200


What is TU's stream access policy?


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