100 Best: Fishing Creek

Location: Northcentral Pennsylvania
Type of stream: Limestone
Angling methods: Fly, Spin
Species: Brown, Brookies 
Access: Moderate
Season: Year-round
Supporting Services: Lock Haven
Short take: “Big” Fishing Creek
Handicapped Access: None
Closest TU Chapter: Lock Haven
Pennsylvania has a handful of “Fishing Creeks.” You’ll find different streams named “Fishing Creek” in at least six counties. That’s why locals who live in Clinton County proudly and rightly call their’s “Big” Fishing Creek.  The most popular and productive section is called “The Narrows” where the creek twists tightly  though the mountains. Known as The Narrows, this run of river holds great pools and pocket water. Angular boulders can make wading difficult. 
Flanking the Narrows are two sections that the state manages as Trophy Trout water. Upstream Trophy Trout regs apply from 300 yards downstream of the second 2002 bridge up to the state hatchery in Tylersville. The downstream section begins at the federal hatchery in Lamar and runs for 2.1 miles up to the bridge that carries State Route 2002 into The Narrows. 
Even though there’s no limestone along Idaho’s Henry’s Fork, Charles Meck, in Trout Streams and Hatches of Pennsylvania, compares that famous water with Fishing Creek in terms of the density and diversity of hatches. 


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