100 Best: Silver Creek

Location: Southcentral Idaho
Type of stream: Spring Creek
Angling methods: Fly, spinning
Species: Rainbows, occasional browns, odd brookies
Access: Easy
Season: late May -- November
Supporting Services: Tackle shops, accommodations in Sun Valley
Short take: Among Idaho’s 17 Silver Creeks, this one is tops
Handicapped Access: Limited
Closest TU Chapters: Hemingway
Yeah, that’s right. Idaho has 17 streams named Silver Creek. Seasoned trouters know which one tops the list. It’s the Silver Creek with headwaters on the 883 acre Nature Conservancy preserve west of Picabo and about 30 miles south of Sun Valley. Rising in springs, the creek slides sinuously across high prairie in all but utter silence. 
Think you can catch one of its 20-inch plus rainbows? Depends on how well you can manage the drift of your #22 pale morning dun. Make a mistake, and oh-so-subtle micro currents generate wakes from fly and tippet. Big rainbows know. Real insects make no waves. Only artificials do.
 The ever-present breeze makes precise casting difficult. So too is the fact that the mucky bottom, so wonderful for aquatic invertebrates, makes wading more than a little tricky. Only belly-boats are allowed; no rafts, kayaks, or canoes. And, of course, the river is clear. If you’re beginning to get the picture that preserve section of Silver Creek is one of the most challenging spring creeks in the world, you’re absolutely correct.


said on Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Hope you can come and enjoy the beautiful waters and which surround the Wood River Valley.   I beleive we have some of the best and most diverse Trout fishng in the lower 48.  Spring Creeks, taillwaters, fish a freestone river, float the Salmon River, hike to a remote mountain lake, fish a small stream. We also  have steelhead, chinook, grayling, and small mouth bass fisheries. 

Want to see what the Hemingway Chapter is up to click here for a link http://hemingwaytu.org have questions about fishing our area please feel free to contact us me at hemingwaytu@me.net.

Tend the Garden


Ed Northen, President Hemingway Chapter

said on Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Thanks for the generous offer Ed. It sure is nice to have the TU community for insider tips on fishing a new place.


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