20 year easements

As you know, this past June the Wisconsin Council of Trout Unlimited formally adopted a policy that no chapters should undertake work projects without a permanent, public access easement being in place. Such had previously been the policy of Wisconsin Trout Unlimited, but had never been formally written and adopted.


The policy includes an exception where a chapter may request that projects be allowed with less than a permanent easement, for good cause, with the consent of the Council.


Enclosed is a request to the Council for leave to enter in to 20 year easements (rather than easements in perpetuity) by the Southern Chapter of Trout Unlimited, as part of their already established and long running partnership program.


Because Southern’s program is truly long established, long running, and very successful, I personally believe that this is a reasonable request. I also believe that this is a good test case for the new policy, and if granted by the Council will show that the policy can accomplish our goal of permanent easements being placed, while also having flexibility to accommodate truly exceptional circumstances.  HEK


This proposal passed and I am glad it did.  This practice worked in the past and I want to see it be available for the South Chapter in the future. 


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