2014 Photo contest results


Grand Prize Winner

American writer and fly-fisher, Dave Karczynski, is fighting a really nice trout on the Bobr River in Lower Silesia, Poland (above). Sadly, after a short fight, the fish was gone. We called this trout ‘Stanislaw.’ © Arek Kubale


Best fish category

First prize

Pennsylvania’s finest 
© Matt Krawchyk


Second prize

Little Boy, Big Fish 
© Josie Truchan Pakula


Third prize

October Brookie 
© David Henry


Best scenic category

First prize

Sunrise on the Salmon River, NY 
© Neil Sunday


Second prize

Fisherman’s Prayer 
© Stephani Hosain


Third prize

Silver Fork Cascades 
© Phil Reedy


Best angler category

First Prize

Autumn Rise 
© Phil Reedy


Second prize

Stripping Woolly Buggers at Noble Lake 
© Ron Gaddy


Third prize

Fall brook trout fishing with my late father-in-law in the beautiful mountains of WV 
© Chris Ruppentha

Thank you to all that participated and voted. Keep an eye out for these and other submitted photos in future issue of Trout magazine, on TU.org, or on other TU materials. We look forward to utilizing as many of these wonderful photographs as possible, they're a great reminder of the many reasons we fight for cold, clean water and the places we love to fish.

Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks to everyone who submitted photos or voted for the winners. We will be in touch with the winners via email.

We are already looking forward to next year's contest!


said on Friday, November 28th, 2014

Brutal photos!!!


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