2017 Stream Side Cleanups

We will be having two stream-side cleanups this year one on  April 22th.9am.  Saturday, 2017 Clean – up day at Rochambeau Pond, N. Smithfield.

The other is at Mowry A.L fly-fishing pond in Smithfield Ri. April 3rd.  Monday 9am. Look for the entrance sign and park along Old Forge
Road between Farnum Pike (Route 104) and Log Readjust
north of Stump Pond. hope that helps. it stocked with trout.

If you enter 10 Industrial Dr, Smithfield RI in you GPS or smartphone- that will get you to the buildingwhich is across the street from the parking area of A L Mowry.

If any members can make these cleanups your help would be greatly appreciated. 


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