A last-minute idea for the angler in your life

The Pulp Fly phenomenon has struck again - for the third time - churning out yet another collection of top-notch writing with some well known, and some soon to be well-known outdoor writers in the industry.

The visionaries behind this series took a cue from the publishers of the early 20th century periodicals. Back then the price of paper was cheap and it gave publishers the leeway to take chances on new and unconventional writing. Working off the premise that bytes are the new pulp, Pulp Fly has ventured into new territory for the outdoor writing world. 

What results is a funny, beautiful, even halting walk through a sport we sometimes take for granted. The collection features authors such as Erin Block, Miles Nolte, Bruce Smithhammer, Tom Sadler, April Vokey and many more. 

And if you're sweating the arrival of your friendly Fed-Ex man, this might be the last-minute ticket for the angler in your life (the gift you get them after you renew their TU membership, hint, hint).

Trot your fingertips on over to their website, pulpfly.com/ for more.


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