AFFTA Asks President to Stop Pebble

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association crafted a letter to President Obama this week that simply asks the country's chief executive to use existing provisions within the Clean Water Act to stop the development of Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

AFFTA, which represents hundreds of guides, outfitters, retailers and manufacturers, clearly understands the importance of the Bristol Bay watershed, both as it pertains to fish and anglers. The organization notes that the value of Alaska's fishery far outweighs the risks associated with a mine plan that would destroy more than 90 miles of salmon water and put hundres more miles in permanent jeopardy should even a small accident occur at the mine site.

More importantly, this is an organization made up of fly fishing industry participants who get the notion that intact habitat equates to quality opportunity... and economic activity. In short, fly fishers need places to fish and use the equipment and gear manufactured and sold by AFFTA members. 

Congratulations to AFFTA for seeing the big picture and asking President Obama to take the very reasonable and proper steps to stop Pebble Mine from every becoming a reality. 


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