"This ain't your grand-daddy's Trout Unlimited"

Trout Unlimited's first-ever blogger tour is off to a healthy start--all four bloggers on the tour have posted updates from the adventure in southwest Montana's Centennial Valley.

And, what's a TU media tour without a little drama? On the first day, we punctured a tire and ended up taking a short detour to West Yellowstone, Mont., to breathe new life into the dead soldier.

We're showing four bloggers from all over the United States some of the work TU is doing in southwest Montana, and sharing with them some of the ideals that have made TU's work in the West so successful in the last few years. One blogger, Jeff "Owl" Jones, came away so impressed with TU's efforts, and the people behind them, that he made a point of noting that "this ain't your grand-daddy's Trout Unlimited."

Of course, it probably helped that we were able to put Owl and the other bloggers, Mike Sepelak, Travis DuBois and Sean Anderson, on some sweet rainbows in a hidden little lake just above Centennial Valley.

True that. In fact, it begs the question: If you fish for trout anywhere in the United States, and you're not a member of Trout Unlimited, ask yourself, "Why not?"

Thanks to the bloggers for making the journey to Montana. More fun awaits.


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