Alaska fishing at its finest

One of the greatest things about fishing is the people you meet. Now, don’t get me wrong – I don’t need to meet a lot of people while I’m fishing. I go to a lot of trouble to be in places where I’m not going to meet anyone when I fish. But in my job with TU, I get to meet a lot of people who really know and really care about fish and fishing. And when it comes to great people who know fishing, it’s hard to find a better friend than Bob Gill.

Bob owns Riffles and Waves Alaska Fishing Adventures, LLC. He offers quality wilderness float trips in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge for dime bright kings, acrobatic sockeye and, of course, big Alaskan rainbow trout and char.  R & W is one of just a handful of outfitters permitted to operate on the Togiak River, which means this is truly a wilderness adventure.  Under the permit, they can only operate during predetermined start dates, thus ensuring the river is not overfished and ensuring that the anglers are basically alone in the wilderness.  Their start dates offer the best opportunity for ocean fresh king and sockeye, trophy trout, and the best weather conditions of the summer.  This is the Alaska of your dreams.

As the season progresses, they move operations to Cordova, the gateway to the Copper River Delta and home to the world famous Copper River salmon.  This is the lodge-based portion of their operation and day trips are the norm.  From the well-equipped jet boat, you fish the Eyak River for sockeye and silvers.  The river is short – not 5 miles as the crow flies – but with the Chugach Mountains as a backdrop, and the Copper River Delta at your feet, it is truly amazing. They usually boat down to favorite holes and runs as there are plenty of bank fishing opportunities and, because the river is short, the fish are incredibly feisty and bright.  In 2012, the silvers here averaged 14 lbs.

For all trips, a quality adventure is the highest priority.  While certain aspects of these trips cannot be compromised, such as safety and the restrictions under the permits and state regulations, Bob and the staff work with their clients to customize the itinerary to meet client needs and expectations. The gear is top notch, the food is fantastic and the attention to detail is unsurpassed.  The folks at Riffles and Waves know their home water. They should – they’ve been guiding in Alaska since 1995.

Riffles and Waves Alaska Fishing Adventures, LLC is just announced  their new “Thank You TU” campaign.  In recognition of all Trout Unlimited has done to support, not just their home waters but waters everywhere, Riffles and Waves is offering TU members a special 5% discount on wilderness float trips and special rates on daily guided trips.  The 5% comes with an option to split the discount, with a portion coming off the cost of the trip and the remainder going back to Trout Unlimited on the members’ behalf.  Or, members can simply apply the entire 5% discount and Riffles and Waves will still give a gift of $25 to TU -- just their way of saying, “Thanks, TU.”

For more information on “Thank You TU” and Riffles and Waves trip packages, visit their website at and fill out the form or call 1-800-498-1068.


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