Alaska Fly Tying Material Drive Update

Photo: Eric Booton.  A quick snapshot of some of the materials donated thus far.
It's halfway through December, and we are already up to our necks in donations for the Holiday High School Fly Tying Material Drive to benefit the Alaska Wildlife class at Colony High School! We will be taking donations through December 31st, 2016 - so it is not too late to make your donation.
After sorting through the materials we have already collected, we ask that any additional donations be focused on:
  • Mylar tubing small silver, transparent
  • Scissors, bobbins and inexpensive vises
  • #6 Egg hooks
  • #8 Streamer hooks
  • #6 streamer hooks
  • Flesh fly marabou- White, pink, tan, salmon
  • Purple or black marabou
  • Purple or black saddle hackles
  • Glo bug yarn- all colors
But of course all donations will be graciously accepted! Please consider picking up an item or two and delivering it to the Trout Unlimited Alaska office in person or by mail (3105 Lakeshore Dr Suite 102 B, Anchorage, AK 99517).  You can also purchase items and drop them off at Mossy’s Fly Shop, Mountain View Sports, or 3 Rivers Fly Shop.
Thank you all for your generosity! With your help fly tying, the world of angling, and the importance of conserving Alaska fisheries will continue to be introduced to 180 students a year at Colony High School and help to inspire the next generations of Alaska fly fishermen and women.
Please contact Eric Booton at with questions or inquiries.

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