Alaska's Sen. Begich Steps Up and Opposes Pebble Mine

Big news out of Alaska this week. Just days after the EPA released its final watershed assessment showing the irreparable harm the proposed Pebble Mine would inflict on the Bristol Bay watershed and its priceless salmon and trout resources, U.S. Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska stepped up and opposed the mine, as reported in the Anchorage Daily News.

TU, of course, is delighted to have Begich on board--his opposition to the mine amounts to the support of his state's $1.5 million fishing industry and the 14,000 jobs its supports every single year. Like Begich, we understand that the real gold mine in Bristol Bay already exists in the form of its salmon and trout. 

Join Sen. Begich, TU and the thousands of anglers across America and asking the EPA and President Obama to use the Clean Water Act to stop Pebble before a shovelful of dirt is turned over in the headwaters of our country's most vibrant salmon fishery.


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