America's roadless lands in peril

Many in Congress are pushing a new bill that would release our country's roadless backcountry lands from their present protections and open up some of the best fish and game habitat left in the United States to development.

TU adamantly opposes this bill, and for a number of reasons, including:

  • It would trash habitat vital to wild and native fish, as well as migratory big game.
  • It would tarnish hunting and fishing success and opportunity. The majority of trophy bulls and bucks are harvested each year from roadless hunting units. Additionally, the vast majority of our remaining native trout populations swim in rivers and streams that flow through or from roadless areas.
  • The bill would increase the economic responsibility of the government to construct and maintain roads--the feds can't afford to maintain the existing public lands road system. Increasing the size and scale of the system puts the onus on taxpayers to maintain it.

Join TU and the American Fly Fishing Trade Association in its efforts to beat back this latest attempt to degrade and marginalize our country's public lands. These places belong to all of us by birthright. Contact your legislators and let them know that sportsmen refuse to stand idly by while Congress works to trash the last, best places in America.

In the meantime, read what others are saying about this bill:


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