An AIS Invasion Prevented in Idaho!

Not sure who said it, may have been Winston Churchill, but the belief that "wars are won a battle at a time" underscores not only military strategy, but it applies to the "war on aquatic invasive species", too.  War might be an overstatement, but there's no question that the impacts on native species and the costs of mitigation and clean-up of an aquatic invasive species (AIS) infestation make the effort to control the introduction and spread of Aquatic Invasive species seem, at times, war-like.  Clearly, the efforts to keep the Dreissinid mussels, Quaggas and Zebras, from spreading is one of these issues, and in Idaho, inspectors won a "skirmish" when they intercepted a boat laden with invasive mussels that was headed into Idaho from Lake Powell.  This interception is a great example of the need to establish inspection stations and cleaning stations for AIS of all kinds.  Thes efforts DO make a difference and DO help reduce the risk of introduction and spread of AIS.  Read more of the Idaho "win" in the following article...




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