Arkansas Water Plan Update

The Arkansas Water Plan is the state’s comprehensive planning process for the conservation, development and protection of Arkansas’s water resources.  The goal is long-term sustainable use for the health, well-being, environmental and economic benefit of the State of Arkansas.  Under state law, the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC) is responsible for preparing and periodically updating this statewide water resource planning document.  The last update of the water plan was completed in 1990.  In 2012, ANRC initiated an update of the 1990 Arkansas Water Plan with the financial assistance of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.  Updating the AWP involves several major technical and policy components comprised of assessing the amount of water use, how much water is available and developing recommendations to meet water needs.

This February, the 11 Workgroup sectors in each Planning Region will prioritize the issues from the 1990 Water Plan and new statements captured at the January meeting.   The regional meetings in each location will include briefings,  workgroup sessions and will then be followed by Public Meeting from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. To see each meeting's agenda, please see:

The middle section of the White River is part of the North Water Planning Region.  ANRC is committed to using an open-public process to identify  priority issues and recommendations and they continue to offer any interested public the opportunity to participate--in any sector and any region.   Please consider being a part of this process.  Your time, participation and involvement is very important.


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