Attention Anglers: We Need Your Help Today

Dear fellow angler,

First, Happy Father's Day. We hope you found some time over the weekend to hit the water with your dad. 

Unfortunately, the quality of your fishing may be in trouble. We need your help – TODAY – to stop a bad deal in Congress that would harm America's trout and salmon fishing. If your state has a senator on the committee, please contact them today and ask them to thwart an attack on the Clean Water Act and its application to headwaters and ephemeral streams--the irreplacable spawning waters for our nation's trout and salmon. 

Here's a list of committee members--please contact your senator today, if possible. This amendment could be introduced first thing this week:


As many anglers know, few laws have helped sustain and restore America’s coldwater fisheries more than the federal Clean Water Act. Since 1972, the Clean Water Act has improved water quality in thousands of our nation’s streams and made fishing better for everyone. However, two court decisions since 2001 removed Clean Water Act protections from tens of millions of acres of wetlands and certain types of streams.

The Army Corps of Engineers and Environmental Protection Agency recently introduced a proposal to clarify which bodies of water are covered by the Clean Water Act. This proposed rule will restore protections to waters known as intermittent and ephemeral streams – such streams are critical for trout and salmon. Not only are these waters where many fish go to spawn, they also are essential to the plumbing of a watershed because they're the source of the clean, cold water that downstream communities and trout alike need. See for yourself--you can watch a short video of TU’s President and CEO Chris Wood, talking about the proposal and its importance to fish and fishing in America.

We have learned that some members of the Senate would rather derail the proposal entirely rather than iron out concerns through the rulemaking process. We expect a very harmful amendment to block this rule will be offered this week on a piece of legislation moving through the Senate Subcomittee on Energy and Water.

Please call the Senate Appropriations Commitee as soon as possible and urge him to reject this amendment and defend the Clean Water Act. This will only take a few minutes:

1.      Call your state's senator(s) on the commitee and leave them a message. 

2.     Your message can be something like this: I’m a council/chapter leader/member of Trout Unlimited, an organization dedicated to protecting and restoring trout streams and conserving cold water fishing opportunities all across America.  I understand the Senate Appropriations Committee will be considering an amendment to an appropriations bill this week that would undermine Clean Water Act protections for critical trout, salmon and steelhead habitat. Anglers need clean water for fishing opportunities and I oppose any effort to weaken the Clean Water Act. Downstream communities also benefit from headwaters protection because these streams are the source of much of the drinking water across much of America. I strongly urge the committee members to stand up for sportsmen like me by supporting the Clean Water Act and opposing this amendment.

3.      Be sure to leave your name and address so staffers can pass your comment on to your senators.

On behalf of all trout and salmon anglers, we thank you for your help on this important issue.

The TU Government Affairs Staff


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