Boy Scouts at Dry Run Creek

On Wednesday, March 26, Scoutmaster Lester Sitzes of Hope, Arkansas brought his troop to Dry Run Creek. The boys were there as a part of earning their fishing merit badges. This was the last leg of a Spring Break journey that had them canoeing and camping on the Buffalo River, staying at Rim Shoals and trout fishing the White River and enjoying a tour of the Wapsi facility. The boys were in capable hands as Mr. Sitzes is a former AG&FC Commissioner. He was assisted by several other adults in the supervision of the following boys: Nathan Phillips, Drake Hargis, Bobby Johnson, Andrew Golden, Hannah McCorkle and George Norrel.

Our TU Chapter provided rods, reels, leaders and flies and the following volunteers to assist the boys: Vern Berry, Duane Bell, Henry Seay, Chet Smith, Mike Schraeder and Tom Emerick. Despite early morning temperatures that iced the rod guides and the fishermen, we were able coax a few fish and provide a memorable experience for the boys and their leaders. By the end of the morning's fishing the boys were able to present the fly, follow the drift , hook the trout and bring them to net.

Mr. Stizes was pleased with the experience and wants to return next year with a new group of boys. Thanks to the patience and perserverence of our volunteers and to TL Lauerman for being the point person for organizing this event.



said on Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Thanks for holding this event, we really enjoyed it.


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