Celebrating Alaska Day

Top Reasons to Celebrate Alaska Day!


On this day back in 1867, for mere pennies an acre, the Russian government signed over Alaska to the United States.  For those of you who have fished Alaska – you know that’s a screamin deal.  This Alaska Day, and every day, TU’s Alaska Program staff and volunteers are working to protect those epic fishing places that haunt many angling dreams and restore those that need a bit of help.


Here are four ways to help ensure Alaska’s fantastic fishing is around for future generations to celebrate.  


  1. Bristol Bay’s Monster Rainbows

Bristol Bay’s epic fishing is legendary.  Check out this video to see why.  Trout Unlimited is working to protect Bristol Bay from the Pebble Mine – a giant open pit gold and copper mine at the headwaters of some of the best salmon and trout rivers on the planet.  Help us celebrate by sending an Alaska Day Twitter and Facebook greeting to Senator Mark Begich. Help show that sportsmen and women around the country care about Bristol Bay – it helps make Alaska, well…Alaska! 


We’ve made it easy. 

On twitter just Tweet the Senator here.

On Facebook share the picture below on Senator Begich’s facebook page http://facebook.com/MarkBegich  or go to https://www.facebook.com/SaveBristolBay and share the below picture with http://facebook.com/MarkBegich



2.  America’s Salmon Forest

TU also is keeping an eye on the Tongass National Forest.  We are working to gain permanent protection for 77 of the region’s top watersheds for wild salmon and trout. These incredible Tongass watersheds play a major role in Southeast Alaska’s $1 billion annual sport and commercial fisheries, TU and a growing contingent of supporters are urging Congress to protect them legislatively.  Hal Herring tells this story better than me.


Just over the border from the Tongass are a slew of potential mining projects in northern British Columbia.  TU has become involved because several of them threaten Southeast Alaska’s healthy wild salmon runs and the region’s lucrative seafood and tourism industries.  Check out Paula’s recent Blog Post.  Sign the American Salmon Forest petition here.



  1.  Susitna Dam

We are working to create a statewide conversation that leads to strong State of Alaska policy for responsible hydro power development that protects wild salmon values.  The catalyst for this work is the proposed Susitna Dam which, if built, would be the first Dam of this size and type that has been constructed in the US in the last 40 years.  It would be the 2nd tallest of 80,000 dams in America, with impacts on the Susitna River’s five species of salmon other fish and aquatic species and the entire tourism based economy of the region.  Our Alasak team is working with a diverse coalition of stakeholders in the area on a campaign to protect the world class Susitna fisheries.  




  1. Kenai River has a new Champ!

We are happy to see the new Kenai Peninsula Chapter of Trout Unlimited get off to a great start.  Whether you want to catch the Fly Fishing Film Tour or take part in a local stream restoration project follow these guys on Facebook to see what’s happening on one of Alaska’s most loved rivers.




  1. A bunch of HUGE fish.

Photo: Justin Crump


So join us today in celebrating Alaska Day by making it a day of action for protecting the places so many of us like to fish.  Send a Bristol Bay greeting to Senator Begich.  Sign the American Salmon Forest petition. Read up on the Susitna.  Follow the Kenai Peninsula Chapter.







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