Conducting a Successful Women's Seminar

Join TU volunteer Lindsay Agness on Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time to learn how easy it is to conduct a successful Women’s Two-Day Seminar. Lindsay started her first TU Women’s Seminar in 2006 on the Salmon River in upstate New York. Since 2006, she has hosted 11 fly fishing seminars and educated over 187 women in fly fishing and TU’s coldwater conservation mission. In 2013, the program was expanded to additional locations in New York and now includes the Tug Hill-Black River, Lake Champlain & Iroquois chapters. Lindsay will show us how to run this program for $50 per student and explain the process of training the trainer so your chapter can expand its women's outreach efforts. To register for this important training, contact TU’s Volunteer Operations Coordinator, Rob Keith at 703-284-9425.


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