Cool name, cool pics: Copi Vojta tops Surface Film

I am not sure if Copi plied Surface Film II show goers with Upslope beer, or if it was always his plan to whet people’s appetite with Leap, Son at last year’s show (see below), but I was sold, literally, at first sight, when I came upon Vessel, the winner of TU’s 2012 Professional Fly Fishing Photograph of the year, now available with other Surface Film artists on MidCurrent.

 Photograph by Copi Vojta: Leap, Son. Surface Film Show 2011

To be honest, as you’ll see on MidCurrent, all of 2012's selections for Surface Film II were amazing - not surprising because the best of the best photographers are represented. I simply couldn’t afford to buy them all. So, Craft Lager in hand, I carefully walked Anthology’s floor letting each photograph sink in. Terrific colors, inspiring landscapes, intimate settings – so many fantastic submissions capturing the passion for fishing.

But, when I settled in front of Vessel, there was a subtle jolt in my heart. The use of shadows and light, the surreal and abstract nature of the shapes, the mystery of missing elements…I needed to buy that piece of art. Now it sits on an easel in my house. Of course, when I saw the results from the votes cast during Surface Film II, a sense of satisfaction flushed through my veins. What a deserving photograph, what a deserving artist. Copi Vojta lives and breathes trout fishing, photography, cold beer and rainbows. Something we all aspire to be!

But kudos to all the excellent photographers who participated this year. Truly any of them could have won, and like Copi, I hope they all and more submit to next year’s Surface Film Show and have fun hanging out with the Greenbacks and other TU members energized by a community who is passionate about fly fishing.



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