Dates set for 2013 Utah Single-fly

The Utah Single-fly event to benefit TU's conservation work in Utah is set for Aug. 26-27 on Utah's Green River below Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

There will be 15 four-person teams in this year's event, with guide selection set for the evening of Aug. 26, and the fishing planned for the day of Aug. 27.

Anglers must choose a single fly for a full day's fishing, and stick with it. Once a fly is lost, the angler's official day of fishing comes to an end. Teams of four will be divided into two boats, and each boat will be rowed by a professional guide who will volunteer for the day to help anglers catch as many fish as possible on their selected flies.

Teams can register online and all questions about the event can be directed to Dave Kumlien at


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