Demonstrate Your Commitment to Our Cold Water Fisheries

Donate just $25 to Colorado TU and get the Protect Our Rivers license plate!

Show your support for Colorado’s rivers by displaying this ultra cool license plate on your vehicle! 100% of the money raised goes toward the conservation, protection and restoration of rivers and streams in Colorado. So whether you’re a farmer, kayaker, hunter, rafter, or angler – or just someone who appreciates the natural beauty that rivers bring to our landscape – the Protect Our Rivers license plate shows that you’re willing to put your money where your interest lies!

Some of you will notice that the Colorado TU logo is conspicuously absent. This was a conscious decision on our part to raise awareness for Colorado’s rivers in a way that would appeal to the broadest audience possible. You don’t have to be a member of TU to know that every citizen in the state benefits from healthy rivers! So please don’t be thrown by the fact that the link below takes you to another site – It allows us to work more collaboratively with organizations that share our passion for rivers.
You do NOT have to wait till your plate expires.  DMV will prorate the cost of renewal with a new plate based on how many months are left on the old plate.
Procedure:  Go to the web site; pay $25 and print out the certificate; take the certificate to the DMV and pay for the new plate; the new plates will be mailed to you (should receive in a week or two).
Get your Protect Our Rivers license plate


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