A Down Payment

We all have one.  That little place in our heart that we escape to, the place hold close to our soul and dream about when life gets a little too crazy.  When you find yourself with too many deadlines and not enough time on the river.

The legendary rivers of Bristol Bay embody that place for many, many sportsmen; its wild rivers, plentiful fish, and remote backcountry angling work into the soul.

Unfortunately, Bristol Bay’s rivers and fish are currently threatened by plans to build the Pebble Mine on top at the headwaters of some of the most prized fishing waters on the planet.

The Good News.

We have a unique opportunity to stop Pebble and protect Bristol Bay’s fish, wildlife and existing jobs in the next six months. To be successful we will need to educate and activate sportsmen and women across the country.  And to do that takes money.

Your Donation Will be Doubled.

Trout Unlimited’s Save Bristol Bay program has been offered a challenge grant from a major supporter.  That means they will give a matching contribution for every dollar donated by individuals and businesses from now through December 31st  (up to $200,000). Your donation of  $20, $50, $100, $1000 or any amount you can afford will be automatically doubled and go directly to stopping the Pebble mine and protecting Bristol Bay’s fish, wildlife and existing jobs.

Think of it as a down payment on your next fishing escape.

Donate to Protect Bristol Bay today!

Or you can also mail a check to:
TU’s Alaska Program  c/o Sidney Fadoff - Sptsmans Challenge
419 Sixth Street, Ste. 200 Juneau, AK 99801

Want to help even more?  If you are in the outdoor industry and have an e-newsletter, website or facebook page please share this opportunity with your contacts.  We’ve set up a web-page full of resources to make it as easy as possible for you.


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