FERC Approves Columbia Pipeline

FERC Approves Columbia Pipeline

FERC [Federal Energy Regulatory Commission] has issued its decision yesterday the ~21 mile gas line running north of Baltimore. The gas line is being constructed by Columbia Gas. MAC (Mid-Atlantic Council TU) is a registered intervener. That means if we object to the decision, we have standing in court to appeal the decision by FERC.


The pipeline was approved but there are a lot of restrictions. Appendix B is 7 pages and contains the restrictions imposed on Columbia Gas. It will take me some time to review the whole document. I invite others to peruse the decision. I am not clear as to how long we have to appeal, if we wish to do so. I would suspect at least 30 days and more likely 60... [email From Jay Sheppard, Resources Vice-Chair, MAC]. 


Take a few minutes to peruse the document. If you have concerns, post them here and/or communicate them to Theaux LeGardeau, Gunpowder RiverKeeper, of Backwater Anglers.  Follow the link below for the decision





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