Fitness, fishing and my 50's

New Year's day was yesterday.  Tomorrow is my birthday. I turn 54.  I made a number of resloutions for this year, as I approach the double nickels, some of which I detailed in my first ever blog - on this site- two days ago.  One of those resolutions was to try something new this year: thus the blogging.  Another was to ramp up my fitness level to get ready for a big fishing trip to Alaska in August.  I'm  actually in pretty good shape and would desperately love to have more free time in my life right now to fish the many waters on my bucket list.  But, with a child in college and no one sending me a pension check each month yet, I'll need to do my best to maintain a high level of fitness and health for years to come so that when I do reach the retirement milestone, I will be able to hike, wade, cast and catch at  the level necessary to reach the wild places on that bucket list.

I was a competitive runner in high school and college. perhaps that explains my approach to fishing: walk in far away from the parking lots, swing flies through likely holding spots and, if no one is home after a few casts,  move on to the next spot. cover lots of water to find the active takers.  Staying in good physical condition is essential when approaching fishing like this. The added benefit is that one gets to see lots of beautiful water inthe course of a day's fishing, regardless of  the cooperation level of the fish.

Today I hit the treadmill for an interval workout. Where once I dreamed of breaking 4:00 in the mile, today I was happy with four half miles at 6:18 pace.  I want to hit 5:55 before turning 55.  A few more months and I should get there. Its snowing like madness right now in New England, maybe  a Rocky Balboa training to beat the Russian champ type workout is in order for tomorrow.

The start of a new year is a good time to evaluate your own fishing fitness level. See your doctor, develop an exercise program with his.her supervision, set goals and get going! Good fitness means good fishing!! Good luck.

Talk to you in a couple of days,

- Paul



said on Monday, January 6th, 2014

Thanks for sharing, Paul. It definitely is the season to work on fitness. I just put down my resistance bands and sat back down at the computer. Keep us posted on your pace!


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